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Buy or Sell Your Medical Practice with

Looking to buy or sell a medical practice? We can help.

At Doctors Broker, we understand you have a choice of who represents you in your sale or purchase of a medical practice, and we don’t take that for granted! Doctors Broker is a full-service specialty firm committed to assisting medical practitioners (in a range of medical fields) receive a healthy return on investment (ROI) out of their business practices.

Our President & CEO; David Owji, created Doctors Broker to offers our clients our many decades of experience in the lucrative acquisition, management, and sale of both financial and business properties. Our on-going mantra is to utilize our expertise to help our clients succeed with their medical practices, and we absolutely love what we do!

And we sincerely appreciate you considering Contacting Us to learn more about Doctors Broker and our experienced team of practice brokers and appraisers who provide full lifecycle guidance throughout the buying and selling process.

Please consider these options when seeking a broker for your practice:

We want to help you! Whether you're buying a practice, selling a practice, or just looking, Doctors Broker will eliminate all of the work and stress that comes with the brokering process. We offer services in a wide variety of areas, including:

Whether you're just starting out on your own, looking for associates for an existing practice, or thinking about selling an established practice – it can be both time consuming and exhausting! For most medical professionals time and effort are already in high demand – that is where Doctors Broker comes in!

Our consultancy is catered specifically to the needs of medical professionals, and has been designed to help you meet your individual objectives without sacrificing an already rigorous schedule. From medical practice valuation, to helping you find and secure the right partners to final sale or acquisition, Doctors Broker is there to support you, so you can focus on the business of caring for your patients.

Let us help you turn the key to a newer and better medical practice, Contact Us while you’re here today by calling us at: 877-955-4447

Our Medical Practice Broker Service

We strive to match the right doctor with the right practice and make the transition a positive and predictable experience for everyone involved! Doctors Broker offers turnkey medical practice sales and transition services through every step of the process from listing through settlement. Doctors Broker is a dual representation firm. It's our belief that "fair" cannot be negotiated, it can be determined by a knowledgeable, informed and objective third party representing the interest of both parties. Our philosophy as medical practice transition brokers is to match the philosophies of both the seller and buyer, yet understand each practice has its own unique characteristics, and, because our company is devoted only to facilitating medical practice transitions, we will set realistic goals which produce a sale, and foster an amicable relationship between the buyer and the seller.

We offer broker services for the following types of medical industries.

  • General Medical Practice
  • Medical - Internal Medicine
  • Medical - Subspecialty Practice
  • Emergency medical Practice
  • General Surgery Practice & Specialty Surgery Practice
  • Surgery - Subspecialty Practice
  • Dental Practices: General Practice, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics, Prosthodontics & Multi Specialty
  • Podiatry Practices
  • Chiropractic Practices
  • Dermatology Practices
  • Ophthalmology Practices
  • Veterinary Practices / small animals / medium animals / large animals / mobile and emergency
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