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Buy A Medical Practice

How to purchase a medical practice

purchase a medical practicePurchasing a practice is one of the most important professional and financial decisions a medical practitioner can make. Even if it is not your first purchase, it is a decision that requires expert guidance and skilled navigation of often unfamiliar territory.

Doctors Broker helps its clients overcome the risks inherent in any business transaction by following a well-defined plan. Things that we ask new and potential clients to consider before engaging buyers or brokers include:

  • The need to consult with a range of relevant professionals prior to negotiations
  • The importance of clearly defining the terms of purchase, including transaction specifics such as asset or stock exchanges, and financing
  • The impact of post-purchase employment needs
  • The need to clearly understand associated security concerns

Whether you're ready to buy but don't know where to turn or just looking for more information on securing your financial and professional independence, give Doctors Broker a call. From selecting the right practice to securing financing to closing the deal, we're here to help you make the right decision. After all, it's your future.

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We suggest you do not wait to reach out to us if you are seeking to purchase a medical practice, and we are literally available 24/7! We have a wealth of information that may assist you and a detailed database of options for partnerships. Please let us know your medical practice buying needs and we’ll over-deliver!

You can certainly call us now at: 877-955-4447 or fill-out the short form below. However you want us to respond to you (phone call or e-mail) you can expect to receive correspondence back from us in a very short period of time!

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