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For Sale: Primary and Urgent Care Practice - Volusia County Florida

Orange City, Florida

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Office Description

For Sale: Primary Care and Urgent Care practice in Volusia County Florida. Priced to sell at $4725,000 for both or $4,200,000 for UC and $864,000 for PC

Medical Property Details

For Sale: Nestled midway between the sunny beaches of Daytona Florida and the world-class attractions of Disney and Universal to name a few is a medical practice that is on a major thoroughfare with Walmart and chick filet is a practice that was initially an urgent care that was started 5 years ago and now has primary care practice added on to it. The urgent care sees approximately 60 patients a day on average daily and goes up to 100 patients in the winter months. The urgent care is open 7 days a week and is closed only on Christmas day. The patients come to it because of its location customer service and quality of care. We do workman's comp to Wal Mart, Lowes, Publix, and Mc Donald to name a few. We do in house xry, labs, iv fluids, fracture casting, DOT, FAA adult, and child physicals to name a few. On the primary care side has been established for 3 years we see about 30 patients a day and most of it is commercial insurance and Medicare. furthermore, we just got the county contract to see the county patients because of the quality of care we provide. On the primary care side of the building, we have a weight loss program, a suboxone/addiction clinic in addition to seeing the patients for their primary care needs. We also do clinical research in collaboration with a research company doing phase 3 trials that is an additional revenue stream. the building is about 3000sq feet and both the practices are housed in it. Priced to sell at $4,725,000 for both or $4,200,000 for UC and $864,000 for PC. For details email: or call (877)955-4447

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