Financing a Medical PracticeHow to finance the purchase a medical practice

So now that you've found the perfect practice, one that fits your business objectives, your personal goals, and your lifestyle … now what?

Our streamlined practice purchase financing process is designed exclusively for doctors, and is the most efficient way to tap into specialized healthcare financing programs. We offer the most competitive rates and flexible terms for:

  • Practice Acquisition Financing
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Working Capital
  • 100% Financing Options
  • Deferred & Graduated Re-Payment Options
  • Extremely Fast Approval
  • No Co-signer Options
  • Start-ups… and a variety of other needs!

Doctors Broker can even provide guidance on completing a standard business plan to help ensure you get the funding you need!

Many times the biggest hurdle on the path to practice ownership, and ultimately: professional and financial freedom is financing the purchase. Not unlike buying a house, purchasing a medical practice can be a complicated and arduous task.

From initial engagement to final acquisition, the process can seem both complicated and overwhelming. That's why we work with only the best in the financing sector to ensure that each transaction is not only successful, but financially and economically sound.

Doctors Broker tailors each financing playn to fit the needs of the individual client, paying careful attention to their particular set of personal and professional needs. We can help secure loans to provide additional working capital, help you add equipment, or even provide more office space as your practice expands.

Today, obtaining financing for the practice purchase and real estate involved is generally not an issue because unlike many years ago, commercial lenders are eager to finance these types of medical practice deals. Commercial lenders and specialty lenders view medical practices as very durable loans.

The Small Business Administrator, an independent government agency, actually indicates that medical practice loans are at the “lowest risk” category when viewed against other businesses.

At Doctors Broker, we work very closely with many lenders that are comfortable with both high debt-to-equity loans and cash-flow lending loans. Let us help you turn the key to a newer and better medical practice, Contact Us while you’re here today by calling us at: (877) 955-4447.

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